We arrange many activities at every location. To find an activity go to your location and find our contact information. We will be pleased to guide you

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 Learning and development (Tarbiyah)

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  • Weekly Quran Classes

  • Study Circles

  • Dora e Quran

  • Welcome Ramadan

  • Special Programs

       Hajj Workshops

       Seerah Programs

       Parenting Workshops  

  • Tarbiyah Conferences 

  • Tarbiyah workshops (nashist)   


               Outreach (Dawah)

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  • Know your neighbor event        

  • Bus ad campaign                     

  • Subway ad campaign

  • Islamic information booths

  • You me and a cup of tea​

  • Carry the light convention

  • Hijab Day 

  • Street dawah 


                      Social Services

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  • Hospital Visits

  • Long term care volunteer

  • Senior sisters meet and greet

  • Ghusul e mayyat presentation

  • Shelter home visit

  • Back to school drive

  • Food bank collection

  • Blood donation drive

  • Syrian refugee settlement

  • Garage sale

  • Family counselling


                   Community Initiatives

Group Coloring
  • International Women's Day

  • Canada Day celebration

  • Open doors Toronto

  • Islamic History month celebrations

  • Tree planting

  • City park cleaning

  • Blood donation drive

  • Syrian refugee settlement

  • Garage sale

  • Family counselling 

Adduha Institute of Islamic Sciences

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  • Full Quran Diploma Course

  • and many short courses

Tuesday to Thursday

9:30 am - 1:30 pm

In all 4 campuses (3 in campus, 1 online)

     Onsite Campuses:

  • Mississauga

  • Toronto

  • Milton


                Matchmaking Services

Matrimonial services 3.jpg

All stages of the process leading to an eventual meeting scrupulously respect the precepts of Islam


The candidates have no way to talk to each other because they do not have access to information that can be used for this purpose. We carefully protect this information and will never disclose it

  • SAFE

All candidates undergo a rigorous selection before receiving approval. We accept only serious people who want to meet in a legal framework.