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February 1st, 2013,  marked the first annual World Hijab Day (WHD) in recognition of millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty. ICNA Sisters Canada has been celebrating hijab to break the stereotype, to bring awareness, to counteract the controversies surrounding why Muslim women choose to wear hijab. We display hijabs at booths in malls, schools, libraries and we offer women of all faiths to try on a hijab. We give the gift of hijab to our sisters who visit us and make them understand why we chose to wear it. We always receive a positive response from women of all ages, faith and groups. 

If you want to participate at one of our booth contact us here



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In order to build bridges and remove misconceptions, ICNA Sisters creates occasions for open dialogues with our neighbours and fellow Canadians. We make ourselves available through different events at libraries, community centers and institutes to meet people of all faiths over a cup of tea and answer their queries. We believe that meeting a Muslim in person will itself remove a lot of misconceptions spread through media about Muslims and Islam and will develop mutual trust and understanding.

If you want to join us and meet a Muslim family, write to us and we will send you the information, Insha'Allah weather this year it is happening somewhere near you..


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A very effective way of sending messages about true Islamic values is through Ads on buses and subways. People using the transit are curious and they have contacted us through emails.  We have received questions and comments and our trained sisters have replied to the queries. 

These ad campaign costs a lot.  We are working in collaboration with Gain peace and Why Islam. 

These ads remains on the buses/subways depending on how much we are willing to pay. 

If you are interested in funding these ads, please donate. 

The Prophet said, "Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence''



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Billboard ad campaign is another way of dawah and to increase visibility of Islam. As Muslims we're all concerned about the negative propaganda and vibes about Islam and as members of a responsible organisation like ICNA we have  to come up with peaceful methods to counter this.

It helps in multiple ways. These ads are a tool to reachout people of other faith and let them know that Islam is a peaceful way of life. After one billboard ad, we received around 50 calls for more info and dawah literature.

We have also used radio ads and youtube ads for dawah. 



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A golden past with modern day examples that touch our lives daily, an acknowledgement to those who have contributed to the betterment of humanity throughout the ages, and an overall celebration of Islamic history summarizes Islamic History Month Canada [IHMC]. 

ICNA sisters aims to celebrate, inform, educate, and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and their contributions  in sciences, humanities, medicine, astronomy, and other disciplines of life that have greatly benefited human progress and our society.

ICNA Sisters organizes Islamic History month booths, displays and real life costume plays in libraries, schools and community centers.



Accompanied with our husbands , daughters and sons,

ICNA Sisters have also taken this responsibility on themselves to provide the Islamic information to fellow Canadians through street dawah. We meet and greet the women who come to our dawah stalls and answer their tough questions especially related to hijab and polygamy and other related issues. We demonstrate how to wrap a hijab, painted henna tattoos, and explained Muslim culture.

Our dawah booths provide the visitors with Quran, Islamic information brochures and a big smile. 

If you want to visit our Dawah booths please write to us for more information