ICNA Sisters Canada provides back packs, stationary, notebooks, folders, water bottles to children of low income families

Projects you can donate for

Sweater and Perfume

Shelter home supply drive

Women shelter homes need women only products. You can bring the products yourself or help us buy them.


Back to school drive

Children from low income families, refugees and shelter homes need our help. Send us a school supply or donate money for this project

Outreach 3.jpg

Subway, bus and billboard ad campaign

These ads are very effective in introducing Islam. Our trained sisters reply for the inquiries.

Donating Money

Sadaqa and Zakat

Many sisters need immediate help for rent, health issues, buying an old car or furniture.

You can help them too.

Projects you can volunteer for

Blood Donation Drive.jpg

Blood Donation drive

Fill the volunteer form and we will send you an email with the details, inshaallah

cleanup day Rosebank park.jpg

City and park cleaning

There are days specified by city. You can join our sisters and get the work done in good company.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Long term care volunteer

Contact us and we will inform you about the orientation day. Bring a friend to give you company.

Hospital Waiting Room

Hospital Visit

A six week course and certification is required. Fill the volunteer form and send us. We will keep you updated.

I want to donate

Prophet Mohammad pbuh said

"The believer's shade on the day of resurrection will be charity"

Donate for any project or give general donations. You can make a difference in somebody's life.

I want to volunteer 

Prophet Mohammad pbuh was asked if this verse of Quran:“And those who give whatever they (have to) give while their hearts are trembling,” referred to who? He said.

“They are those who compete with one another in good deeds”