'Whatever you spend with a good heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless,

and travellers in need. Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.'" - The Holy Quran, 2:215


How do we educate:

We advertise dawah material on subways and Buses. the last message was "Kindness is an act of faith and whoever is not kind has no faith" We received emails and we responded to them. We also

participate in street dawah with brothers. Our website

www.towardspeace.org has loads of information on Islam.

What do we celebrate:

We celebrate being a Muslim Canadian women and we invite other fellow Canadians to celebrate with us. We also set up booths to showcase the achievements of Muslim scientists, inventors, artists and educators during the month of October in libraries, community centers & schools. 

Where do we volunteer:

We take pride in volunteering in hospitals and long term care homes. We urge our sisters to get certified for hospital visits. We worked hard to settle Syrian refugee families coming to Canada. We urge our sisters to give blood donations as we believe "Saving one life is as if saving whole of humanity." Quran 5 : 32

Why do we donate:

Being a mother, a woman and a Canadian, we know the importance of not only donating our time but also our money. We buy feminine products, school supplies, school bags and donate them to different shelters. Many needful sisters reach out for help and we help them through our funds collected throughout the year.