Understanding Islam is not only about studying Quran, hadith and seerah but it is to incorporate it's beautiful teachings in one's life. We share knowledge, laughter, food and fun while building a true community  of sisterhood and love.

Weekly Quran classes

We conduct Quran classes for women in every unit. Recitation, translation, word to word, hadith and Islamic books are included in our curriculum.

Study Circles

A unique forum of discussion and learning from each other. Study circles are conducted in almost all units. Find units in your city.

Dora e Quran

Every unit organizes Dora e Quran before and during Ramadan. Our mudarrisat are knowledgeable and goes through teachers training courses.

Welcome Ramadan

Each unit or sometimes multiple units combined, arrange Welcome Ramadan programs before the beginning of Dora e Quran.

Special Programs

Parenting Workshops 

Hajj Workshops

Seerah programs

Life and times of Prophet  Ibrahim (peace be upon him)

Tarbiyah Conference

The most awaited and intense event of the year where our members and volunteers learn the basics of the goal, objectives, policies and strategies of ICNA Sisters Canada alongside the details of our Deen. 

Pot Luck

Having fun and learning at the same time. We enjoy bringing and sharing food. From samosas to baklava and chana chat to biryani, everything is deliscious when you have good company. 

Eid Parties

We enjoy food, games and nasheeds. Having lunch or potluck in our Eid dresses is fun. The kids are also a part of this beautiful occasion. Every city celebrates Eid in it's own way

Members Meetings

Every month our members and volunteers attend a meeting that plans all the activities of the next few month. It also provides a time to meet each other over a cup of tea