What is hijab!


Hijab, a veil, a covering, an outer garment worn by Muslim women which covers their head and body.

A piece of clothing that tells the whole world, what we believe in as Muslim. It shows what we are standing for: our belief, our way of life, the Quran and Allah (The Creator). Muslims believe that God’s wisdom is absolute and perfect and he has designed the best way of life for his creation by giving them the religion of Islam. 

The religion of Islam is the final and the most beautiful religion that teaches us how to live the best possible life. 

Modesty is a virtue that Islam demands from both men and women. Modesty is a component in several world religions particularly in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It may come to us as a surprise but Islam did not invent Hijab. It existed in religious laws before Islam and remanence can be found in the altered books of other faith. 

Hijab in Islam, in some sense, is the identification of Muslim women. Women have been given the utmost respect and highest status in Islam. Hijab is not only a garment that covers, but is a lifestyle that includes proper behaviour, manners, speech, and appearance. 


We Muslim women are telling the world, that a woman can be a Muslim and can still be a Doctor, a mother, a teacher, a secretary, or anything she pleases to be. Us muslim women can be a united in terms of standing against violence and injustice in the world. 


This piece of clothing tells the world that we need not to be thought of as oppressed, rather we are to be respected, loved, valued, encouraged, and given our full rights. Hijab provides muslim women with spiritual and physical peace and harmony. A woman who wears a hijab liberates herself from the selfish desire to show off her beauty and compete with other women. 

A muslim woman who covers her body is making a statement about herself and her identity. She has dignity, respectable values, self-esteem, and is proud of her Islam. Whoever sees her will know that she is not available and she has an upright moral character. 

ICNA Sisters Canada’s objective is to motivate women to support the efforts for civil liberties and socio economic justice , strengthen the bond of humanity by serving all in need and cooperate with other like minded organizations that work for similar goals. Working to spread awareness about islam through many projects like hijab day .