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Alhumdulillah, our first semester (September - December 2020) has ended successfully. Students learned many new topics related to Fiqh, Hadith, Asma ul Husna and Islamic Studies in a very interactive way with interesting videos and sessions. 

This stressful pandemic time has not only affected us but has also limited our children socializing as well. We do understand that due to the current situation, one thing that students surely missed was meeting their MCNA friends in person and making new friends.

For this purpose, MCNA Canada is bringing out a

MCNA Students Discussion Forum” where MCNA students all over Canada can connect with other MCNA friends.  

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and friendly platform where our children can

  •           Make new friends across MCNA Canada and socialize.

  •           Discuss on the forum which is safe and for our Muslim kids.

  •           Share their hobbies, artwork, talents.

  •           Share their thoughts, ideas, and stories.


We know our students have so much to talk about and we are here to listen!

These groups are for grades 3 to 8 and for our registered MCNA students only. For further details contact your city in charge or drop us an email.

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