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Being Grateful

Updated: Jan 31

By: Shehna J.

I am grateful for the land that I walk on, and the air that I breathe

I am grateful for the resilient and intricate earth that nurtures and sustains life

I am grateful for the winter wonderland around me that speaks to Allah’s power through every snowflake that is sparkling and free

I am grateful for my parents and my lineage because I know who I am and who I want to be

I am grateful for the journey my parents embarked upon, so that I now live in this beautiful place where many indigenous nations share space with me, so I can live and plant roots.

I am grateful for Allah’s mercy although we are in a global pandemic because I see so much good around me despite the calamity.

Fa inna ma ‘al usri yusra, Inna ma ‘al usri yusra , so surely with hardship comes ease, surely with hardship comes more ease

I am grateful for the rizq (sustenance) and the virtual company of good people, my workmates who are generous and my cousin overseas who reminds me that we need to talk

I feel fear and loneliness, sadness and pain, but hold on to each day of life and health.

I wonder what can I do to help those around me, shackled in this world of Zoom screens.

I know I must be grateful to feel peace, firm in the belief that goodness is rewarded in magnitude

Fa iza faraghta fansab, wa ilaa rabbika farghab, so once you have fulfilled your duty, strive in devotion, turning to your Lord alone, with hope.

I am grateful for hope as it saves me from despair, and for devotion as it guard me from shallowness. I am grateful for the pearls of wisdom and moments of beauty in the muck that is around us

I remain indebted to hope, beholden to love, and with arms wide open I embrace the faith that the best is yet to come. InshaAllah.

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