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Winter Break = Family Time ❄️

By: Imrana Mohiuddin

❄️Winter break is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family & strengthen bonds

Make sure you do these things as a family to create long lasting beautiful memories.

❄️Last year I had shared different ideas as it was pre COVID era but we need to adjust accordingly and make use of what we have while following all guidelines.

❄️Do 1 ayah a day/ or 1 Surah from Juz 30 - brief tafsir & discussion for 10 minutes suggested from -The Clear Quran.📖

❄️Fajr as a family at home with 5 mins of reflections from Quran, nature or famous Muslim personality ( don't forget to enjoy the beautiful sunrise 🌅 together)

❄️Play board games like scrabble,pictionary,Dutch blitz, carom board ,uno ( or any of your family favourites)

❄️Watch an animated movie together or any documentary with homemade butter/masala popcorn 🍿

❄️Cook some of your family's all time favourite food

❄️Do some baking ( cakes, cookies 🍪 , cup cakes with your kids or our desi traditional winter desserts - carrot halwa ) and hot cocoa bombs

❄️Special formally dressed Dinner at home restaurant style

❄️30 mins of reading at home at a specific time as a family ( everyone reads their own choice of book )

❄️Don't forget to do some deep cleaning & organization of the house

❄️Attend ICNA Canada & YM Canada’s Workshop ‘Living the Prophetic Legacy’ on 27 December 1-4 pm EST

Registration required:


❄️Attend the online series ‘Family First‘ by AlMaghreb from 21-25 December 4-6 pm EST


❄️Ice Skating / Short Winter Hike

❄️ FaceTime / Video Call relatives with your family

❄️Donate online to local organizations/ international projects for orphans / food bank

Have a wonderful time!



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