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Item # 1: all Canada Day cards & Business cards

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Item # 2: Images of 20 Eid Cards

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Item # 3: ICNA Sisters Logo png.

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Item # 4: ICNA Canada 

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Item # 5: MYN Logo.png

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Item # 7: ICNA Sisters Intro brochure (Front)

Item # 9: ICNA Sisters Membership form

Membership Form

Item # 11: ICNA Sisters Business card (front)

Item # 6: MCNA Logo png

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Item # 8: ICNA Sisters Intro brochure (Back)

Item # 10: ICNA Sisters Volunteer form

Volunteer Form

Item # 12: ICNA Sisters Business card (back)

Item # 13: ICNA Sisters Standing banner

Contact Us



6635 Kitimat Rd, Unit 33 

Mississauga, Ontario

L5N 6J2

Phone #: 905-816-0105


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

About Us

ICNA Sisters Canada was established in 1978 by six visionary sisters to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) by enabling Muslim women to strive and build a community that sets path towards personal excellence in their faith, worship, morality and to share the Islamic vision for the moral and social development of the Canadian society through knowledge, training, and community services.

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