About SOCIAL SERVICE Department

This department motivates and encourages women, to work individually and collectively, for the betterment of fellow citizens, regardless of their race, age ethnicity and religion. We help and support Canadian to make their lives better so we all can live in peace and 
harmony. Some of our projects are:
Seniors meet and greet, Hospital visits, Shelter and Back to school supply drive, Nursing home volunteering, Funeral services, Blood donation, Support for refugees, Matchmaking and more.


Senior meet aand greet.JPG

Seniors' Meet and Greet

Our inspiration is the saying of The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), "He is not of us who does not have mercy on young children, nor honor the elderly" We arrange get together so our elders would meet and have fun and share their stories. Healthy life style tips and food is always a part of these gatherings.

Shelter Home

Supply Drive

As much as the Government of Canada helps women suffering from violence and abuse in their families, we as ICNA Sisters feel the responsibility of contributing to this cause. We collect items of personal use, bring them gifts at important occasions and share not only food but respect, love and care.

Blood Donation 


"To save one life is like saving all mankind", is the verse from Holy Quran. As Muslims we realize our duty and We inspire our sisters and youth to donate blood and to give back to the community.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Hospital and Nursing Home Visit

Inspiring our sisters to visit the old and sick in the hospitals and nursing homes and long term care facilities is another project that is our way of saying thanks to our creator for keeping us healthy and able to do the community work. Hospital visits require a full course while the other projects need orientation sessions before starting friendly visits and volunteering in these facilities.


Back To School


Kids living in shelters and with under privileged families need our support to start and continue their school. We provide support to them by collecting and distributing school supplies including bag packs, stationary, note books, calculators and much more.

Refugee Support and Settlement

ICNA Sisters have been providing refugee settlement in collaboration with ICNA relief Canada. We have been supporting families not only by providing housing and other means of settling in Canada but also by giving the moral support they need while adjusting in a new environment.